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Role: Co-Director

Team: Randy Engstrom

The 2021 Creative Vitality Summit gathered more than 40 thought leaders, decision

makers, and innovators who are on the ground battling to ensure the rights and self-determination of artists and arts practitioners. The two-day, peer-to-peer event assistedin mapping a pathway into the future for this new era of the creative economy and helpedto formulate a more concrete vision of equitable realities for nearly 500 registrants. The sessions presented at the Summit addressed the idea that the creative sector has the unparalleled opportunity to build a new and bolder economic system that is inclusive, just and restorative.

Client: City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Team: Randy Engstrom, Elisheba Johnson, Kristen Ramirez

Role: Artist Team

Third Way Creative (3WC) undertook Phase 1 of the Reflection/Inflection Arts Response Project project –from April 2021 to January 2022— to deliver an arts-based report based on our engagement that includes a framework and recommendations for project implementation. As it recovers from the pandemic, Ottawa is poised to retain cultural vibrancy while facilitating new mobility and growth. We have been privileged to work with Ottawa’s vast creative community to retain and magnify its creativity, resiliency, and unique character. The project will result in a series of temporary art installations, the establishment of an Artist in Residence program, and a Legacy project that will center Ottawa’s Host Nations.

Client: Create CA

Role: Co-Lead, Facilitator

Lead: Randy Engstrom, Hollis Wong-Wear

Create CA has seen tremendous change in the last two years; from new leadership and staff, to an organizational merger, to a global pandemic that deeply impacted the staff, organization, and the education field, to a racial justice reconning that demands structural change. Create CA hired 3WC for consultant support to align their work with their commitment to racial equity, to foster individual and organizational resilience, and to manage and navigate organizational change. Our approach engaged each member of the staff to ensure all perspectives were met and allowed us to co-create an inclusive roadmap for Create CA’s future.

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